Dr Sofia Gameiro

My research explores how people form, define and strive to realize parenthood goals. With a strong applied component, most of my work aims to support people in all steps of achieving their parenthood goals or, when this proves impossible, in coming to terms with unrealized parenthood goals. I do this by conducting studies to inform evidence-based routine practice and policy, and by developing, evaluating and implementing tools to support both those trying to conceive and stakeholders involved in reproductive health (practitioners, advocates, policy makers). Another important aim of my work is to make psychosocial support more accessible and suitable to disadvantaged groups (e.g., ethnic minorities, people with invisible diseases) or people outside the healthcare system.

Most of my work is grounded in health, clinical and developmental psychology and I am interested in different topics such as long-term adjustment to adverse health events, evidence-based health psychology, parenthood motivational regulation, or visual communication of health-related experiences.

Cardiff University School of Psychology