Treatment Planning and Continuation Intervention

The Treatment Planning and Continuation Intervention was developed to support healthcare professionals and patients discuss and plan multi-cycle fertility treatment.

People starting fertility treatment (e.g., assisted reproductive techniques, ART) generally have strong intentions to continue with treatment until they become parents, and about 60% of people will attain this goal if they do multiple cycles of ART. However, intentions often get derailed in the face of adversity.

Most people complete only one or two cycles of ART even when funding is not an issue and about 22% to 35% stop treatment because they feel they cannot face the burden of another ART cycle, often by delaying indefinitely the start of the next cycles. This kind of distress and passive decision-making can lead to future regret over decisions made about parenthood.

This project was concerned with developing and evaluating the feasibility of implementing the Treatment Planning and Continuation Intervention or TCPI in fertility clinics.

Project Team