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Step-by-step support to help people living with an unfulfilled wish for children based on Contextual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. MyJourney is available in English, Portuguese, German and Spanish.

Who is it for?

MyJourney is for anyone who has not been able to have the children they wished for, regardless of how this came to be. Everyone’s journey is different. You can use MyJourney at any point, returning to it if you feel you need help again.

How does it work?

MyJourney invites you to take ten steps that help you develop skills to address several aspects of your unfulfilled wish for children. We recommend you take one step per week, during a total of ten weeks. However, you can travel at your own pace.

Where, when and how to use it?

MyJourney can be used anywhere and at any time, on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. MyJourney was designed to be used individually but offers suggestions about how to involve others and share your experiences.