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Endometriosis Cymru Me & You Empathy Quiz


We developed the Endometriosis Cymru Me & You Empathy Quiz to help people gain an understanding of the impact of a condition like endometriosis on people’s lives.

The quiz gives two people a way to describe their quality of life from their own perspective. Taking the quiz with a friend, relative or colleague gives you an opportunity to talk about your quality of life and how life circumstances (including health) affect you, your relationships and daily activities.

The questions were taken from the World Health Organisation Quality of Life questionnaire (WHOQOL). The WHOQOL was developed to provide a new perspective on disease. Before it was developed, disease was only understood from the physical perspective (e.g., how often and how severe physical symptoms were) but the WHOQOL helped to understand the effect that these symptoms and the illness in general had on people’s lives, by asking people about their social relationships, capacity to work, financial situation and satisfaction with their lives.